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BMW E9X M3 Ohlins Dedicated Track Suspenions Kit

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The DEDICATED program demonstrates Öhlins' ability to engineer capable trackday suspension packages tuned ready to install and hit the track with minimal setup/testing. Öhlins’ Dual Flow Valve technology (DFV) provides an uncompromised balance of chassis control and composer over rough sections of track and curbing.  Driver confidence and precision are enhanced to a new level.  Ride height and damping control are adjustable for the exact specifications desired from the driver.  Systems feature monotube damper architecture for improved response with strengthened inverted struts and aluminum body shocks for lightweight and improved cooling effect. This combination of features and tuning result in the ultimate trackday bolt on suspension package.


  • Patented Dual Flow Valve
  • Track-focused Tuning
  • Height Adjustable
  • 20 Clicks of Adjustable Damping
  • Monotube Design
  • Rebuildable
  • Off-road Use Only


  • Includes spherical upper mounts
  • Includes Swift manufactured springs built to ÖHLINS specs
  • Target ride height reduction F: 15mm R: 10mm
  • Front spring rate: 120 N/mm
  • Rear spring rate: 180 N/mm

Vehicles Supported
BMW E90 M3 2008-2013
BMW E92 M3 2008-2013
BMW E93 M3 2008-2013